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Did you know? Discover the origin of the word "sauna

Did you know why this "heat cabin" is called a "sauna"?
Well, the word comes from Finnish and literally means "sweat".

And it makes perfect sense! The main purpose of the sauna is to make you sweat, allowing your body to eliminate unwanted residues and accumulated toxins.
The sweat takes with it these waste products that are harmful to your health, giving your body a genuine natural purification.

The sauna area is private for a minimum of 1h30. You can also add a massage if you wish (please contact us for more information).


Sauna access 1h30 private Rate: 75 € for 2 people
Sauna access 2h private Tariff: 85 € for 2 people

Massage (Kobido or for pregnant women) 1 hour additional Charge: 120 € per person


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